Huay Goat The evil eye Legend

Legend of Yucatan. It is said that he was a farmer who lived on the outskirts of town, that a child knew the secrets of medicinal herbs and cure people of diseases and as he grew he began to do special work with the help of the evil sorcery. This man who was the witch of the people, he fell in love a girl who was not listening, she knew, she was scared by the stories told about him.

This young girl lived with his parents, who had a plot with many goats who cared, she took them to pasture; the wizard realized that she was always contented and happy with the goats.

The witch desperate and mad love for her, and when she realized it was useless, she did not want anything with him, then he spells and pact with the devil, who asked his soul for that when he thinks the young girl, he would become in a goat to be near his beloved

The devil made ?him a beast, human legs and half goat, is that for many years, it still comes out at night HUAY GOAT to find his beloved.

The evil eye

Legend of Yucatan. It is said among the rural population, considering that on numerous occasions when a child becomes ill, is caused because he has made "Evil Eye". This means that the child has no organic disease, but their problems, crying a lot of, loss of appetite, vomiting, weakness, etc. Are due exclusively to a person who has had on this little character and evil magical influence, so that the baby or older child begins to fret and he has rare symptoms, and sometimes as belief, this cause you can reach the death.

If you go to a town and go to the park and you see a woman with your baby loaded, and you approach said, smiling, 'That child so nice, then she immediately, if she trusts you, stops and tells you to hug a baby do not give him "The evil eye."

If you are a bad woman with harmful influence, only with see the child becomes so sick.

In the village there are many women who can "cut the Evil Eye" because they have "special power" (because they born on Good Friday) they do the prayers and mechanisms to keep a child free from these influences.

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